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Changing Your Name or Gender in New York

A person’s name and gender are important because they are an integral part of self image and ancestry. Any New Yorker, may assume a different name or gender, so long as it is not done to avoid financial obligations or to perpetrate a fraud. Common reasons for name changes include, correcting mistakes on birth certificates, gender changes, and changes to associate or disassociate yourself from famous people.

Adult Name or Gender Change

So long as you have reached the age of eighteen (18) you are considered an adult for name or gender change purposes. The process to change an adult's name or gender in New York is as follows: First, a petition is filed with the Court requesting the name change and/or gender change. The petition must contain specific information for the Judge to approve the change. Second, if the court approves the change an Order will be issued to effect the change. Third, obtain a new birth certificate from vital records (if correcting a birth certificate). Fourth, use a certified copy of your order to change your name on all official documents. visit's ID document center for more information about NY documentation.

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Child Name or Gender Change

When a parent wishes to change the name and/or gender of a minor child (infant name change), the application for a name change must be brought by one or both of the minor’s parents. If the minor has two living parents and one parent does not join in the application, the non-petitioner parent must be served with reasonable notice of the application. If the non-petitioning parent objects to the child's name change, a hearing will be held to determine whether the change of the child's name is in the best interest of the child.

How Much Does a Name/Gender Change Cost?

Attorneys fee: $650.00 (adult) | $850.00 (child - so long as both parents agree)

Estimated Costs: $300.00 (index number, certified copies, etc.)

  • They do not like the name they were given at birth.
  • Their given name is strange or difficult to spell
  • They want their name changed to reflect their new gender.
  • To restore a surname that had been changed in the past.
  • To correct a misspelled name.
  • Married couple that wants to have an entirely new or combined surname.
  • Because you want to have a celebrity name.
  • To prevent racial discrimination.
  • To prevent being wrongly associated with a criminal or evil person.
  • Just because they feel like it.

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