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Plead Not-Guilty to Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Buffalo NY

Pleading not guilty to traffic tickets is NY is important because the NYS Driver Point System keeps track of driver convictions for vehicle and traffic violations over an eighteen (18) month period. The following list states the amount of points associated with each conviction. Being charged with a vehicle and traffic violation does not count toward a drivers total points so it is important to hire a lawyer and fight the ticket so that your ticket has a better chance of getting dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation that does not have points associated with it.

Points Can Cause License to be Suspended or Revoked

If you receive 11 points or more in eighteen (18) months (calculated from date of violation), the DMV will suspend your driver license. The DMV must revoke your driver license if you are convicted of three speeding violations within an 18-month period no matter how many points you have. If your license is revoked you will have to reapply to get your driving privileges restored. If you are a Repeat DWI Offender, your driving privileges may never be restored because of Life Time Look Back.

What Do Traffic Tickets Really Cost

Your insurance rates may increase. For Instance, If you are convicted for a speeding violation, your insurer may tack a temporary charge on your insurance policy for three years. Your rate could increase as much as 25% depending on the circumstances. New York also added a new surcharge of $100 per year for three years if you get six points, plus $25 per year for each additional point. This is called a Drivers Responsibility Assessment.

How Much Does it Cost to Fight a Traffic Ticket in NY?

I generally charge a flat rate of $250.00 to represent you on your traffic ticket, but it depends on your driving record and the likelihood of obtaining a favorable plea without an expert witness.