Here are the Steps in the Process.

  • First make your payment below by selecting the Name Change Type then the "Pay Now" Button.
  • Once your payment is made you will find a link on the thank-you page to fill out and Submit the Secure Online Name Change Questionnaire so I have the information I need to draft the papers (you may also contact me to email you an offline copy to fill out if you prefer).
  • After I review your Questionnaire, I will contact you via email requesting that you send me a copy of your Picture ID and Birth Certificate.
  • I will then draft the Petition to Change your Name and/or Gender based on the answers received in your Questionnaire and will email it to you for review.
  • Then you will sign the petition in front of a Notary Public and return the original copy to me.
  • I will then file the petition.
  • Once a Judge is Assigned I will file the Proposed Order and wait for the Judge to sign it.
  • Once the Order is signed by the Judge I will send you two (2)Certified Copies of the Order so you can use them to change your name on important documents.

Select Name Change Type:
Price Includes $300.00 for all the filing fees and costs.
*Price for Child Name Change only applies to a case where both parents consent.